Artist  : Bummelzug Explosion
Title  : In die Ferne
Genre  : Jazz
Year    : 2013
Date    : 01/2017
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks  : 09
Label  : Shoe Bill Music
Source  : Vinyl
Length  : 36:57 min
Size    : 66,8 MB


01.mangel an licht                        06:39
02.mimi                                  05:06
03.lassy                                  05:02
04.lawrence                              08:26 der ferne                          04:25
06.happy happy end end end                01:52
07.minimal                                01:39
08.lassys letzter auftritt              00:58
09.wenn die kriech- und schalentiere      02:50

36:57 min

In der Ferne is part One of a two–part release which is
inspired by mostly true stories spinning around the figure of
legendary British army Lieutenant Thomas Edward Lawrence, who
went by the nickname Lawrence of Arabia and who during the
1910s put some effort into the train ambushing business, as
well as by mostly untrue stories spinning around the fictional
character of Mimi who may or may not have been the Lieutenants
mistress during his years of service in the Arabian desert
Last but not least the album is a bow to soft acoustic
background noise such as the whispering of old microphones or
the faint murmur of defect guitar amplifiers


Bummelzug Explosion-In die Ferne-LP-2013-BCC
 68.6 MB
Published on: Jan 28, 2017 @ 16:56

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